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This document’s objective (EU-GREAT! deliverable 4.2) is to provide guidance and support tools for the design and development of investment plans for Large-scale RDI Initiatives (LSI), in particular for the 5-6 LSI cases that were selected in Task 4.1 and that will be analysed during Task 4.3.

This report includes in particular the relevant conceptual background, the proposed approach or methodology, an evaluation method to assess the proposals for development and implementation of (new) LSI, including examples of business plans, evaluation criteria and key performance indicators (KPIs), and a template for (new) LSIs investment plans. The template proposed is especially applicable in the design of an initial investment plan to be used in the presentation and negotiation of an LSI with potential investors and includes a detailed business plan.

LSIs are recognised to have a large positive impact in innovation, contributing to address societal changes and create economic value. Such fact is supported by the numerous answers to the public survey conducted by EU-GREAT! (Task 2.2) who have identified numerous specific positive impacts resulting from those LSIs’ activities. To provide a solid conceptual background, D4.2 includes relevant concepts and definitions, such as “LSI” definition, its possible structures, type, life cycle, and level of openness. The LSI lifecycle proposed considers the following main phases: initial design and viability check, detailed design and investment planning, set-up/installation, operation, renewal/upgrade, and finally, termination or integration.

Some detailed information about these phases’ costs is then presented, including: • Start-up costs, referring to the costs incurred before the first project can start within a LSI • Infrastructure costs are resulting from the purchase of physical infrastructure • Project costs result from the implementation of projects in the context of an LSI • Operational costs resulting from the day-to-day operation of the LSI

The approach proposed for the development of these investment plans is a step-by-step operational procedure, comprising the following main stages:

  1. Developing mutual understanding between EU-GREAT! team and LSI consortium:
  2. Preparation of the business plan:
  3. Business model development:
  4. Detailing the financial part of the business plan:
  5. Assessment of the financial support
  6. Case reporting

Then, a checklist to assess the completeness and soundness of an LSI investment plan is presented, comprising issues such as the mission and vision, objectives, economic sustainability, SWOT analysis, funding instruments considered, alignment with smart specialisation strategies and priorities, and intellectual property rights issues.

An evaluation method is also proposed based on relevant sources. The method is based on 3 main criteria: Excellence, Impact, and Implementation. Sub-criteria and a scoring system is also proposed. Along with this descriptive part of the method, a series of KPIs is also presented (in annex). Part of the indicators were already presented in WP3 during the selection process of the LSIs, to which new ones are added to complete the evaluation of the intended characteristics such as the stage of development, the TRLs, or the target markets. Finally, the template for developing the investment plans is presented. Its main sections are:

  1. LSI presentation (proposal summary)
  2. Analysis (evaluate the internal and external environment)
  3. Strategy and action plan (high level plan to achieve the long-term goals and their relevance)
  4. Description and planning of activities (detailed description of the proposed lines of action)
  5. Governance (how will the LSI be managed)
  6. Financial plan (for each phase of the lifecycle)
  7. Other (relevant information to support the proposal)

The comprehensive approach described in this document is a solid support tool for the development of LSIs’ investment plans, both for the EU-GREAT! planned activities as well as to the development of LSI investment plans developed by other interested parties.  

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