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The aim of this document to be delivered as output of task 4.1: “Identification and selection of large-scale RDI initiatives” is to identify and select the typical cases among several large-scale RDI initiatives using combined funding in Europe that will participate on the hands-on experience in order to elaborate tailored investment plans. The methodology used to enable this selection consists on the identification of a set of criteria and key performances indicators (KPIs) based on the results obtained on previous activities:

1) Analysis of the survey to large-scale RDI initiatives using combined funding to map different criteria considering 3 building blocks: Characteristics of large scale RDI; Decision making; Financing and 2) The cross-interaction analysis of the elaborated multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) with EU-GREAT! Survey’s results to further pre-select 20 cases.

The chosen criteria were optimised and validated during a dedicated workshop in Cadarache (France) by the industrial stakeholders and policy makers; the KPIs were partially assessed on task 3.3, some deducted from the survey analysis and practical experience and some identified by the experts during the workshop.

A total of 62 different European LSIs are identified through the EU-GREAT! survey and classified in five main family types: I) Industry driven, II) Public research infrastructure driven; III) Government driven; IV) Mix-cluster driven and V) collaborative project based LSIs. The whole list of LSIs is carefully analysed to support the pre-selection of 20 large-scale RDI initiatives applying a weighting factor for the different criteria used: TRL 5-6 for the LSIs, diversity of Regional/National and private funding mechanisms, SME involvement, and level of openness.

The identification of 4-5 large-scale RDI initiatives that will participate in the elaboration of dedicated investments plans, on the basis of in depth interviews of the pre-selected 20 LSIs cases, is the final goal of task 4.1. The interview process encompassing phone interviews and/or face-to-face meetings was performed for the pre-selected cases in order to gather useful information to understand their structures and operational mechanisms, being one of the most important parameters to consider for this selection the imminent need of an investment plan.

The final list contains the 6 chosen LSIs where all parameters (geographical location, LSI type, LSI lifecycle) have been conveniently considered and weighted to preserve an appropriate balance and variety. In this sense, a new LSI from the Netherlands will be included to this final list in order to cover all phases of the LSIs evolution.

The 6 Industry and cluster driven LSIs of the final list will participate on the hands-on experience to elaborate the specific investment plans. The guidelines results of this experience will be beta tested on the collaborative project LSIs cases during a dedicated workshop next June 2016 (EPPN Workshop Open Pilot Facilities as a European Resource for Innovation and New Business) that will take place in Amsterdam in the frame of IndTech2016.

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