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During 2015 the EU-Great! consortium conducted an open public consultation to gather feedback and help identify Large-Scale RDI Initiatives (LSIs) in Europe. The survey aimed to address the following specific objectives:

  • Identification of the basic issues for (consortia of) organizations that are hindering setting up investment plans for LSIs such as demonstration pilot plants or new research and technological infrastructures, using combined funding of public grants, equity capital, and private, EU, national and regional investment funds.
  • Creating an overview of public (EU, national, regional) as well as private investment sources of different LSIs.
  • Assessment of the mismatch between demand for investment and supply of funds.

The consortium received responses from 62 participants. An analysis of the responses received can be downloaded. The survey comprised 4 parts. The main findings are summarised below:

  • Part A: Characteristics of the organisation
  • Part B: Characteristics of Large-Scale RDI Initiative
  • Part C: Decision concerning participation in a Large Scale RDI Initiative
  • Part D: Financing

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