Objectives and Approach

The overall aim of EU-Great is to increase the number and hence financing of large-scale RDI initiatives, by enabling consortia to more effectively combine funding from different public and private sources. This may be funds from for example the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), Horizon 2020, grants schemes operated by member states at regional and/or national levels, private equity funds and loans.

Key objectives:

  • To identify issues and barriers encountered by consortia when combining different funding mechanisms to form a large-scale RDI initiative.

  • To support and guide the European Commission services in designing and delivering further actions to facilitate synergies among public and private funds.

Our approach:

Through a comprehensive public consultation process, the EU-Great! consortia will gather and analyse feedback from stakeholders in industry, research and government bodies who have experience in forming and managing large-scale RDI initiatives. This will help identify barriers encountered and best practices adopted. The feedback will be gathered through a series of online surveys and face-to-face interviews with stakeholders. We anticipate gathering online feedback from around hundred initiatives across Europe; conducting more detailed interviews face-to-face with stakeholders from around twenty initiatives; and assisting at least four initiatives in developing their investment plans.

Through a combination and analyse and interactive workshops with stakeholders the consortium will make recommendations to the European Commission for improving its services, design of funding schemes, policies and further actions that will help improve synergies between funding instruments and hence encourage the financing of more large-scale RDI initiatives.